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TENDINOPATIAS (leituras recomendadas)


Tendinopathy in Athletes
Editors: Per Renstrom & Steven Arnoczky Savio Woo

ISBN: 9781405156707 ISBN-10: 1405156708
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Date Published: 14/02/2007
Format: Hardback Book
Pages: 248
Language: English

Evidence-Based Sports Medicine, 2nd Edition
Domhnall MacAuley (Editor), Thomas Best (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4051-3298-5
640 pages
March 2007, BMJ Books

HISTOPATHOLOGY OF COMMON TENDINOPATHIES in http://www.clinicalsportsmedicine.com/articles/common_tendinopathies.htm

Tendinopathy -- From Basic Science to Treatment: Molecular Pathology of Tendinopathy

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